Weapons Policy

  • No sharp props - swords, arrows, claws etc. Props must be blunt and non damaging.

  • No real or replica firearms - prop firearms must have orange tip to signify that they are a prop. Must be non- functional.

  • No projectile weapons can be armed - nerf guns cannot be loaded, bows must be unstrung, etc.

  • No overly loud devices such as airhorns or megaphones.

  • No glass weapons or props as these may be easily damaged or could potentially cause harm to patrons.

  • No helium balloons as these may float to the ceiling and block air conditioner vents.

  • No laser pointers.

  • No overly large props - please keep to a 2m limit.

  • No overly heavy props as these pose a risk of injury.

Be aware of your surroundings while travelling to and from Bundy Pop as any props or weapons may pose a greater risk outside the venue. Also be aware of your surroundings at the event, keep larger props close to you and respect other patrons space. Most importantly, have fun!